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Toronto, ON, ca
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They may not be interesting, but they are facts about me. I tend to be a half-geek. I'm not geeky enough to actually be a geek, but I'm too geeky to be a mundane citizen. I like playing video games, building with LEGO Technic, listening to remixes of old game music (often in metal) or even music that's actually been made in 8-bit (seriously, it's awesome.). I read the occasional books--I'm not cultured enough, however, to have read too far outside of mainstream books. I love mythical creatures. I honestly wish I was a shapeshifter. I suppose there's something appealing to me about having multiple identities that one could switch between at will. Not to mention I wouldn't be limited to a single gender. Being stuck as a male with barely-changing looks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 50-something weeks a year, for 60-90, can be a daunting prospect for someone wishing on a fairly common occasion that they could be somebody else, just for a few hours. I suppose that's what the internet's for! I'm generally a very disorganized and untidy person when it comes down to my room. I'm a tad bit overweight (I think I'm like 250+ lbs or something.), and I'm about 5'11" tall. I have central heterochromia: most of my iris is generally teal-aqua-blue-green (it can never make up its mind), and the very centre of my iris tends to be cream to brown. It's not noticable from a distance, however. Most people notice only when they're fairly close. I have dark brown hair, very long, tied in a ponytail. It reaches down to my posterior. My facial hair consists of sideburns, a beard, and a moustache. I'm considering letting the hair grow between to connect it all. And... well, that's about all I've got. Yay for too much information!
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